DOGS HAPPEN! dog & puppy training
So Have Fun With Your Dog!


Puppy tips, training, and socialization. 
-Teach your dog to be well behaved from 
the beginning.

We teach dog sports such as AgilityMusical Canine Freestyle, Rally Obedience, Trick Training, and Canine Disc (frisbee).

We also teach  and basic manners/obedience skills. Learn how to solve annoying behavior issues quickly. Get a great recall. 

We teach you to enjoy training your dog, so both of you are engaged in something that is fun and rewarding for each of you. 

Certify your dog as a therapy dog or implement a therapy dog into your work. Consultations available.

Service dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support animals......What are the differences? We're happy to help you understand and find a good fit for you and your companion.

We use only positive training methods, clicker 
training, and build on you and your dog's strengths 
to create a truly bonded and fun relationship 
with your dog.
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What are the benefits of learning to have more fun with your dog?
-Playing and training builds and improves the BOND between you and your dog. Even if your dog is just a family pet, you can both benefit from an improved relationship through simple, easy-to-learn activities or behaviors.

-Problem Behaviors? Training, playing, and working with your dog can reduce nuisance behaviors like barking, jumping up, pulling on the leash, and not coming when called.

-Did you know that 5-10 minutes of training that engages your dog's brain, can be as effective at tiring your dog out, as running around outside for much longer? It's true! When dogs use their brain to solve problems, such as learning new behaviors, they tire very quickly. 

-You will feel more confident taking your dog places or having company, knowing your dog will be well-behaved and a companion of whom you can be proud! 

-Do you have a high energy dog that never seems to settle down? Imagine being able to instill an "off-switch". It's time to play...great! Time to relax? You'll get that, too!