Therapy Dogs
Jenni is certified by the University of Denver as
an Animal Assisted Social Worker, which gives her
the unique ability to understand the human animal

She is an expert in the realm of therapy dog work
and implemented an Animal Assisted Therapy
program at an organization here in Durango.   
She has three therapy dogs of her own, all
certified with Therapy Dogs International.

She is available to provide consulting services to help you understand the many different ways that dogs can assist humans in their everyday life.

Service Dogs

Jenni can help you understand and differentiate between Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals, and is specifically qualified to train psychiatric service dogs. She can help you understand the laws and certifications, and become an owner/trainer of your own dog.

Psychiatric Service Dogs - are trained to perform a task related to a person's invisible disability and are granted full public access rights. 

Once a dog has basic manners and is reliable in its basic obedience behaviors, such as sit, stay, come, heel, is not pulling on the leash, does not jump up, and has impeccable focus on its handler, the dog can begin learning specific tasks to help its owner.

Deep Pressure Therapy, re-orienting to the present, picking up objects, blocking, and getting help are just a few examples.

Jenni is available for temperament testing of rescues and discussing strenghts and weaknesses of various breeds, depending on your needs.